In 2007 we were in crisis,lives were lost,children were turned into orphans, people with homes turned homeless, the rich made richer and the poor poorer.

Basically we the ordinary wananchi are at the ones prone to more harm than the rich. On the contrary the rich keep gaining more and more.

In 7 days 20hrs 12mins we’ll go back to the ballots.fellow Kenyans let’s vote peacefully.

Before you pick up a stone,lighter a knife or a gun to attack your fellow Kenyan.Take time and put yourself in the shoes of the person you are attacking,((tafakari ndugu))

Politics is a game of propaganda and let’s not kill each other over propaganda.

We were colonized let’s together as one lead ourselves not killing each other,we are one blood and flesh Kenyans

Have a peacefull election…

Come 26th vote and make Kenya a better place

Listen better place a song that will strongly motivate you…

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Happy madaraka day to kenyans

It was 1963/01/06

Kenya attained its independence after a struggle and being under Britain for over 10 years….

Blood was spill and so far so good Kenyans managed to gain there indepence….

Jomo Kenyatta became the 1st president of kenya and jaramogi Odinga the 1st vice…..

Its now 54 years down the road……

Let’s together embrace peace and unity

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Is Eric Omondi an Antichrist or is he in illuminate or brickmansion

  • It is upsetting to the lovers of the celeb Mr Eric a creative man turning into a unknown fool….Pictures of him playing Christ (Jesus)…..were retrieved……
  1. The 1st question are is he Antichrist
  2. The 2nd is he in illuminate or brick mansion
  • Or is he going mad….on our next blog we’ll get you the answers for the above questions