Comfy flops for the season#summer things#

Day in day out most fashion companies are trying to be outstanding….

The Versace team has been dormant for a while but I guess these will catch your attentions….

These flops are so comfortable courtesy of pesa 254 you can order from pesa254 store on sky garden….

Gucci also after a long reign are going flashy as well…..flashy flops….

These coming summer get your closet ready for the fashion industry…..

We’ll keep you updated all through

Is Eric Omondi an Antichrist or is he in illuminate or brickmansion

  • It is upsetting to the lovers of the celeb Mr Eric a creative man turning into a unknown fool….Pictures of him playing Christ (Jesus)…..were retrieved……
  1. The 1st question are is he Antichrist
  2. The 2nd is he in illuminate or brick mansion
  • Or is he going mad….on our next blog we’ll get you the answers for the above questions